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Hello i breed large carns and some rapors if your inerested in a breed or dino pm me and ill breed you one or more for a reasonable price or trade . If you like a dino and want a studding just tell mee and ill set it up . Also i draw and will do commissions , i tipicly draw dragons , dinos and birds but i can and will do outer things and crechers / toothy clawy things or furry things . So if you want art just pm me and ill get starterd. PS- i have 4 jobs and can be really busy so if something takes really long im just busy im not ignoring you so please have patience .

alberto cage

Carnotaurus cage

allosaurus cage

Archaeopteryx cage

bery cage

Dimetrodon cage

Empty cage 1

Emtey cage 2

emty cage 3

Linny cage

spinosaurus cage

Utahraptor cage