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Viewing Sen's Farm - FHR
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Welcome to FHR
I am currently working with high-quality:
Bambiraptors, Allosaurs, Carnotaurs, Anchiornis, Pyroraptors, Gracilliraptors.

My goals are to maximize presence of positive genes and minimize presence of negative genes while maximizing stats, perfects, and producing overall attractive animals.

I rarely breed below age 70, and most are bred only once around age 80.

Stud Information
Stud service is not publicly available to any of my dinosaurs. I may consider stud service to outside raptors that carry no more than 2 negative genes, and show no negative genes. Stud service varies depending on which raptor you are interested in, and is higher for female raptors.

Currently own:

Barosaurs, Hyracotherium, Wooly Mammoth, Reindeer.


Awesome Allosaurs



Gracili Pack

Purple/Black Bambis

Pyros 1


Special Bambis

ten clear

Baros 2


Empty 300 space


Overflow 2 (221)

Overflow 3 (120) E

Overflow 4 (40) E

Overflow 5 (80) E

Overflow 7 (120) E