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Short and Sweet

Who: Caynine, otherwise known as Emily.
What: Far too much about my life you probably don't want to know anyways.
When: Current.
Where: The most amazing place in the world!~ Wait, no! Don't come here... it's... awful *cough. ;3
Why:...Becuase I can

I am indeed just as amazing in real life as I seem on here. Heh, jokes kinda. But seriously I love my life! I would change nothing about it.. except perhaps my monetary status. But my family and I still make it by, and we try to not take any thing for granted. I try to be an exemplary role model to my four little (second) cousins, and to the three kids of a family I met in 4H. I also have six "kids". Not real human children.. not yet anyways. I have 2 dogs, and 4 cats. One of my dogs I have had since she was a puppy, and since I was eight years old. (more stuff about me you dun' care about later >P) There's nothing I enjoy more than being around the 7 aforementioned people if I am AFC (away from computer).
I do still have rabbits, but I have lately been pondering where my program will go. I raise Dutch and Mini Rex. I am the only Dutch breeder in my county, and one of like three in my state--which is a little discouraging since I am going to have to travel to get new blood to continue with them. Mini Rex are a little easier to come by. They are very popular rabbits, and there are almost always 75+ rabbits at any given show.. however they are the breed that I am more lacking in quality of rabbits; I do however have a few nice looking ones that I've bred like Texas Hold 'Em (Tex), Furyk, MidKnight Tale (Knight), Phoenix, and a few more-- but I really need to buckle down and get a set goal of what I'm breeding for. Blacks, blues, black and blue otters, and brokens of those varieties I think is where I'll be heading, since they can all be bred with each other to get similar results. I may keep my castors, like Tex, because they can breed with blacks... I really want to keep my tortoises, but we'll see what happens.
test test?

In The Presence of Royalty~
[-]Who. Currently I am working with the breeds of Allosaurus, Bambiraptor, Lihneraptor, and Sinornithosaurus. I am close to haveing a few running lines with Buitreraptors, and working on trying to get it started in Spinos, as well as Dienonychus.
[-]What. What does it take to be a "Royal"? Well the absolute characteristic is that they are white based dinos with a purple marking(heavy or common). That is the minimum requirement. However like almost all breeders I prefer to have perfect genetics (for those who don't know; BBGGiiJJOORRssttVV), perfect attributes, or traits (the head, teeth, fathering, etc.) and high stats.
[-]When. I started working on this project a not long after I joined.. I would guess about mid-December, 2010, was when I was really getting it started off. And so far so good!
[-]Where. As far as I know I am the only player trying to specialize in this, with the exception of Nightmarish Waltz's Neon, I believe. However I am the first to admit I am not always right, and if you are specializing in white base/purple marked dinos shoot me a PM and I would be happy to mention you to anyone who is looking for "Royals" and probably also do some breeding with you....well..your dinos. xP
[-]Why. I love the way they look. I love looking at pure white based dinos (FFFFFF) with a dark mauve or deep maroon running all across them. Why does it have to be the colored marking for me to consider them "Royal"; it is simply because I think it would be more likely in nature.
Any dino from THZ Farms will get a 5-6 offstping limit contract placed on them. I may be willing to up it for certain dinos, but personally I feel that is enough from any one dino. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


[VALENTH] Clicky Adoptables~ <3
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Bambiraptor Enclosure


Carnotaurus Enclosure




Herrerasaurus Enclosure


Neuquenraptor Enclosure


Spinosaurus Enclosure

Tyrannosaurus Rex

x. Spare

THZ Eastern Forest Pasture

THZ Home Corral

THZ Mountain Base Pasture

THZ Western Creek Pasture