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Hi I give all of my Dinos names. The only exceptions are Dinos from Players, and the given name is not just its Genes written out or the generic name given to all Released dinos or lab Dinos. There may be Dinos named for Characters from my favorite shows.

Acrocanthosaurus Pen

Allosaurus Pen

Atrociraptor Pen

Balaur Pen

Bambiraptor Pen

Baryonyx Pen

Buitreraptor Pen

Carnotaurus Pen

Deinonychus Pen

Dilophosaurus Pen

Graciliraptor Pen

Guanlong Pen

Linheraptor Pen

Megaraptor Pen

Sinornithosaurus Pen

Troodon Pen

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pen

Utahraptor Pen