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Viewing Levitas II's Farm - Nightside II
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My main account it Levitas #26 if you need me
A poem by Fizzly XD *Thanky Fizzly!* On this year for Halloween, Levi had to think She needed a grand costume-- One that wouldn't stink! After hours of wondering, Her eyes lit up real wide. She'd make a big blue devil, And run around inside. Now when Halloween came, She was truly smug, Until she met an angelic girl, Who she decided she would bug! It was all in good fun, Until the haloed girl turned round. She wasn't just dressed up! She was an angel fallen down! Now Levitas' costume Isn't so much fun She's got an angel chasing her, So now she's on the run!


1. Levitas's Chocolate Shop

2. The Fortess (T Rex)

3. Club Land (Ovi)

4. Night Times (Eoraptor)

5. Underground (Buitre)

6. Fun Fair (Bambi)

7. The Arcadia Project (Sino)

8. St. Jude's (Sales/Empty)

A-1. Allos

A-2. More Allos

A-3. Spino


New Enclosure

New Enclosure

New Enclosure