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Hi, I'm PinkDinos. But everyone calls me Pink. I'm a cheerful person who likes zombies, unicorns, dinosaurs, and rainbows. My all time favorite dino is an Oviraptor, because they look funny. (And my Oviraptor is pink!) I chose my username (PinkDinos) because my first dinosaur was pink. Also, it's my favorite color! Well, thats enough about me. You can read on to hear more about the farm.


I like to talk to my friends, a lot. My first friends were very nice to me and made me feel welcome. <3


I care for Pyroraptors and Oviraptors. Viella was my first dino. My first Pyroraptor was Shimmer. She was also my first dino to breed with another. After that, I just started taking in those two types of dinos.


I have fish in my tank, and I love them so. I'm trying to win the heaviest fish award some day. I am selling fish, so if you're looking for one to take home, stop by my tank!



Grass Is Growing