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Viewing BakedAlaska's Farm - Scrummy Acres
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Gosh this blooming layout coding thing is doing my head-in -_-
Bear with me while I try to make my page look wonderfully jazzy :)
For now you may drool at my Beagle Ozzy when he was just 9 weeks old :)

BrotherWoodchuck (MegaRaptor Breeding Partner)

*Barrys* [P0-P4]

*Barrys* [P5-P6]


*Lolo Females*

*Lolo Males*


*Megas* [Inbred]

*Megas* [P0]

*Megas* [P1]

*Megas* [P2]

*Megas* [P3]

*Megas* [P4]

*Megas* [P5]

*Megas* [P6]


*SPARE* [1]

*SPARE* [4]

*SPARE* [5]

*SPARE* [6]

*SPARE* [7]