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Viewing Striker's Farm - Phantasmagoria
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Hello and welcome to Phantasmagoria, as the name would suggest, beyond lies a sequence of fantasticality not unlike a dream. yoshivioletdos.gif


Art by Sidenote

Dinosaurs were my very first obsession in real life, and I love them to death to this day even though dragons eventually replaced them as my passion. These days I`m not obsessed with anything, but still very crazy about dragons and dinosaurs still hold a special place in my heart; I`m also a huge fan of Yoshi. ^^ My hobbies include: Equestrian, barrel racing, tennis, sprinting, swimming, , rock climbing, hiking, trail riding, fighting (kick boxing, wrestling and various martial arts), gaming, writing, drawing (though I`m not very good at it) and woodwork. When I grow up I will be a behaviorist as animal training has always been my passion in life, and I excel at it. :)

Art by Scaleeth


Adopt by Clara

As an experienced player I work to improve the gene pool of all the species I`m involved in; I specialize in breeding the following species for now:

Ornitholestes -Breeding Yoshi Orinthes

Dimetrodon -



Baryonyx- My main focus

Neuquenraptor- just on the side

Acrocanthosaurus- My newest Project


~Fantasy Horse By Satsu Ayaka


Dolphins by RipJawWolfFang

If you`re interested in learning more about any of my projects visit my enclosures (Click the species above to be redirected to the appropriate enclosures)yoshichoisit.gifEggs from my dinosaurs final breedings are always available from my programs, keep an eye out for my breeding thread on the forum, and be sure to check them out. ;).You've just experienced your phantasmagoria; thanks for visiting, come back soon. :)


Yoshi is the copyright of Nintendo, all the Nintendo animated gifs on this page were ripped from games by princessdane. All other art displayed around my farm pages was drawn by me; except the yoshi trio on the Yoshi's island page, which was drawn for me by Destineysmasher. The dragons are copyright to me, and are my designs. Tags not made by me are credited with their creator.


The Earth Walkers

The MoonRunner Clan

The ShadowMist clan

The StormWithin Clan

The Tempest at Sea Clan

Yoshi`s Island

zThe Uneven Ones

zZhe Birds of Paradise

The Moon Glade

The Solar Expanse

The Twilight Hollow