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Viewing Lasair's Farm - Crimson Gryphon Ranch
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Thanks for visiting!

Current project: Breeding for gene perfect anchis!

Overlays: Check out my current overlays here.

Commissions: Tentatively open, check my deviantArt page for an idea of my capabilities.

Tags- 150x150 pixels
20k for linework tag
50k for black and white shaded tag
100k for flat color/cel shaded tag
200k or 1 scale for shaded color tag
+50k for backgrounds

Sigs- 500x150 pixels
100k for linework sig
150k for black and white shaded sig
200k or 1 scale for flat color/cel shaded sig
400k or 2 scales for shaded color sig
+100k for backgrounds

Anchiornis Aerie

Loomisi's Meander

Plains of Tonk

Z- Empty

Z- Empty