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Viewing Kiaz's Farm - The Valley
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Darkness. All around, there is only darkness. It's cold entrails swirling like mist in the unfathomable, unseeable, expanse of ebony nothingness. You reach out your hands as you try and walk forward. Will you ever find your way out of this damned cave?

Then, as you look around in the disorientating world, a glimmer of rich, golden light pierces the dark landscape. Hope, like a single star in the night sky. You grasp your way towards it, curling you fingers around the cold rock spires to steady your self as you drag you weight to the light you have missed so much. You walk into the golden star, the light blinding you. It's almost as disorientating as the darkness.

Finally the whiteness gives way to colour. The first colour you see is green. Deep, lush, vegetation. You slowly take in the scene. A valley lays before you. Huge mountains keep it hidden from the outside world, gushing, huge, waterfalls falling from their flanks. A rich jungle is harboured safely between the mountains. You hear the calls of many different kinds of wildlife. It seems like a paradise.

However, as you take your first step out of the over hang from the cave, a heart stopping sound stops you in your tracks. Bone chilling roar echoes within the valley, repeated again and again as it bounces of the mountain walls. Following comes a deep, prehistoric, rumble. The sound you would expect to be heard from the belly of a dragon.

What monsters lay in the unknown? What have you walked into?

Well you can't go back now...


Graciliraptor enclosure

Deinonychus enclosure

Ornitholestes Enclosure

Utahraptor Enclosure