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Viewing Sunita's Farm - Sunlight Brook
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If you need me / help, please message me - I try to check in daily.

Hello My Name is ... Sunlight Brook Farm
Sunita! The one and only! I've been here since the dawn of time, well, what feels like it. '09 is a long time back. I started playing at about eleven years old and can now proudly proclaim myself to be twenty-one ^^ I'm still in college, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I'm not really all that interesting but feel free to message me if you need help around the site!

I enjoy reading much fanfiction at the moment - Harry Potter, Bloodlines, Avengers, Supernatural, Doctor Who - with all of the crossovers in between! The YA section of the library is where you'll find me - feel free to PM me if you want to discuss books! I also enjoy writing - though I haven't done all that much recently. When it strikes my fancy, though, I'll pick up a pen.

Interesting enough? I hope so! Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have in game, or if you just want to talk / discuss books and the like!

Me on other sites - Rainbow #9232
Lioden - Sunita #14734
Here at Sunlight Brook Farm I don't have much of a breeding goal. The incubators are kept full, the dinos battled and trialed daily, that's about it. Oh! They do get fed occasionally - though I don't suggest getting too close if you're fond of your limbs!

Kidding, kidding. I breed mostly for quanitity, though once I get a good amount of dinos I do spiral into breeding for perfects, color, and genetically perfect dinos. I'm at that point where I'm making the attempt though it doesn't keep my interest sometimes :P

Don't worry, though. Our dinos are well taken care off.

*screams in the background*

Oh, that's nothing ;)
Studding Breeding
Studding is something I've gotten into only recently since there seems to be a rather large lack of them easily available. You can always seem to find males to breed to since they can [almost] always breed, but females are a no-go. So I thought I might free up some of my own males and females for my fellow members to use in their lines ^^

Stud Fees:
Males: 10,000 EXD per studding
Females: 20,000 EXD per studding

The males are up for public studding since they can be bred repeatedly, while the females are up for private so I can approve them and they aren't bred whilly-nilly.

*Note: I'm on almost daily so you won't have to wait long for me to accept breeding requests to my females.
On my own I pretty much keep my incubators full at all times (I can have up to 12 eggs at a time - being upgraded).I have no set goal, though I am willing to breed my dinos for someone else.

How it works:
  • * Message me with the links of the dinos
  • * We will agree on a price for the breeding
  • * I will breed the dinos
  • * When the eggs hatch I will put them up for bid for you (half of the agreed price on each egg)
  • * You bid on them, I accept

Tada! You may also at any time inquire about purchasing a dino, though provide me with a link, not a name. Thank you!

(( the lines are made by ~butterfly--wings of ))

Acrocanthosaurus Enclosure

Allosaurus Enclosure

Anchiornis Enclosure

Archaeopteryx Enclosure

Atrociraptor Enclosure

Balaur Enclosure

Bambiraptor Enclosure

Baronyx Enclosure

Buitreraptor Enclosure

Carnotaurus Enclosure

Coelophysis Enclosure

Deinonychus Enclosure

Dilophosaurus Enclosure

Eoraptor Enclosure

Graciliraptor Enclosure

Guanlong Enclosure

Herrerasaurus Enclosure

Linheraptor Enclosure

Megaraptor Enclosure

Microraptor Enclosure

Neuquenraptor Enclosure

Ornitholestes Enclosure

Oviraptor Enclosure

Pyroraptor Enclosure

Sinornithosaurus Enclosure

Sinosauropteryx Enclosure

Spinosaurus Enclosure

Troodon Enclosure

Tyrannosaurus Rex Enclosure

Utahraptor Enclosure

Velociraptor Enclosure

z spare enclosure

z spare enclosure

z spare enclosure

z spare enclosure

z spare enclosure