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Viewing Roobie's Farm - The Forgotten Kingdoms
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Gene Stuff Stolen from ToxicCreed (#34580)
Symbol and Naming Key
#/6 - How Many Perfect Genes a Dinosaur Has
P - Perfects or Perfect Genes
GP - Gene Perfect Upon Birth
NGP - Near Gene Perfect Upon Birth
AGP - Almost Gene Perfect Upon Birth
C - Custom or Customized Dinosaur
Genetic Codes and GP Title
Gene Perfect - BBGGiiJJOORRssttVV
Near Gene Perfect - BBGGiiJJOORRssttVv (Vv)
Almost Gene Perfect - BBGGiiJjOoRRssttVV (JjOo)
BB, Bb, or bb - Slow Brain Syndrome
GG, Gg, or gg - Cleft Palette
II, Ii, or ii - Intelligence Boost
JJ, Jj, or jj - Stands for Joint Problems
OO, Oo, or oo - Stands for Vocal.
RR, Rr, or rr - Stands for Rage Syndrome.
SS, Ss, or ss - Stands for Speed Boost.
TT, Tt, or tt - Stands for Strength Boost.
VV, Vv, or vv - Stands for Vibrancy.
Dinosaur Bios
Inbreeding (If Applicable)
Gene Perfection (GP, NPG or APG)
Perfect Count
List of Perfects
If Known Stats at Birth (Int/Spd/Str)

Aloe FEAR-ah

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