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Hullo! My name's Mercy and I'm a... Student. Aromantic. Gray-Ace. Eclectic Pagan/Earth-Witch. Animal-lover. New Whovian. Guardian of the Librarian. Pink Ninja Turtle. Stargate Traveler. Reformed Sith Lord. Autobot. Avenger. Airbender. Avid Reader/Photographer. Aspiring Author. Fanfiction Writer. Aspiring Phlebotomist. Aspiring Pastry Chef. Aspiring Human Canvas. Magic the Gathering Nerd (Rakdos all the way!). Disney Lover. Halloween Town Mascot. Older Sibling. Professional Procrastinator. Mythology Buff. Music Lover. Dance Master (not). She/Her/Hers Pronouns Preferred. I'm pretty shy (even on the Inter-webs), but I try to be as open and friendly as possible and I always accept friend requests, so don't be afraid to send them^^
Symbol Key - * - LVL 1 ** (Under 10 days)
1mil EXD[X] 3mil EXD[X] 5mil EXD[X] 8mil EXD[X] 10mil EXD[X] 13mil EXD[X] 15mil EXD[X] 18mil EXD[X] 20mil EXD[X] 23mil EXD[X] 25mil EXD[X] 28mil EXD[X] 30mil EXD[X] 33mil EXD[X] 35mil EXD[X] 38mil EXD[X] 40mil EXD[X] 43mil EXD[X] 45mil EXD[X] 48mil EXD[X] 50mil EXD[X] 53mil EXD[X] 55mil EXD[X] 58mil EXD[X] 60mil EXD[X] 63mil EXD[X] 65mil EXD[X] 68mil EXD[X] 70mil EXD[X] 73mil EXD[X] 75mil EXD[X] 80mil EXD[X] 83mil EXD[X] 85mil EXD[X] 88mil EXD[X] 90mil EXD[X] 93mil EXD[X] 95mil EXD[X] 98mil EXD[X] 100mil EXD[X]
_____________________________________________________________ E_ __ E_ -- Blue E_ E_ ee -- Purple E_ ee ee -- Green ee EE ee -- Black ee Ee ee -- Brown ee E_ E_ -- Yellow ee ee Ee -- Orange ee ee EE -- Red ee ee ee -- Albino _____________________________________________________________
All breedings tend to be done around 12-2AM in the morning, so that's when eggs hatch.

Silver Dragon - Intelligent, Clairvoyant, Insightful

I am a Silver Dragon

Intelligent, Clairvoyant, Insightful. With poise and calmness, a silver dragon uses its clairvoyant abilities to outwit any enemies. [Read more...]

What dragon color are you?

*Allosaurus Females

*Allosaurus Males

Albertosaurus Females

Albertosaurus Males


xAllosaurus Elders

xAllosaurus Elders 2

xxAlbertosaurus Elders

xxAlbertosaurus Elders 2

xxEmpty (40)

xxEmpty (45)

xxEmpty (45)

xxEmpty (50)

xxEmpty (50)



Echinodon (A+)

Torosaurus (A+)

Torosaurus 2 (A+)