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Viewing Griffel's Farm - Griffel Acres
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For those asking to know how I battle my dinos for zero losses, please skip to the bottom of this text box. I have posted a guide there!

You have reached the coolest farm on EX ;D

'Tis Griffel here. I am an official Exhibited Guru, so feel free to message me if you have any questions about the game, or even if you just want to talk. I don't bite. You can call me Griffel, or as many people do, Griff (also Griffy or Griffelkin seem to be popular handles for me as well). The griffel is an animal I made up when I was younger, and so I am the one and only.

I am a guy, so if you need a pronoun to describe me 'he' would be the one. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin as of recently. I'm pretty well-rounded, and will talk about just about anything. Though, some of my favorite things are Ducati motorcyles, horses, and of course dinosaurs (didn't see that one coming, did ya?) I like almost all genres of music (though country and rap are not my most favorites). I particularly like alt rock and jazz/funk, my favorite band being Dave Matthews Band.

The Dinosaurs

The Raptors
My focus in the game is my Microraptors, all of which are in the species hall of fame, or are bred from HOF stock. My breeding lines focus on stats and color, with genes being secondary. I play for the battling and leveling, and not so much for the breeding. All of my dinos' stats were reached with equipment and battling alone. I DO NOT use ICoTs or SoDs!

I don't put any of my dinos for stud, but if you are interested in a breeding, feel free to ask! I can also breed two of my own dinosaurs and give the chicks to you. My only breeding requirement is that you are a good owner and take care of your dinos. This means battling, training, feeding, and healing everyday. I don't have set stud fees, so I am willing to negotiate prices. If you are a new player, and funds are lacking, no need to worry!

I don't sell any of my dinos, though, so please do not ask. I also will not buy any of your dinos unless you have Microraptors, but even then, do not message me to buy your dinosaurs (if I know you as a breeder though, I won't be against you messaging me if I would be interested is buying a dino or two, but you know who you are!). If you are interested in a breeding ask nicely. Do not beg. I will report you to the mod box.

The Herbivores
I keep the herbivores for meat. If you would like to buy meat from me, feel free to message me and we can work out a price. I always have lots of it.!

I also keep hunting pens stocked. All profits from my pens will be donated to the First Step Foundation.

My pens can be found here:

Griffel's Art


Griffel's Zero Battle Loss Guide

This is just a quick guide to how I do it, I'm sure there are other ways to going about it as well. Also, I like to take care of my dinos on an individual basis, so this method is quite time consuming, especially if you have lots of dinos. For my forty-some dinos, it takes me about an hour to complete battling. I use the Third Party Battle Panel! It is available to all everyone in the scale shop.

First I make sure all of my dinos are leveled up, fed and healed, and I also train them all in strength. Training takes away hunger and some health, so I go back and make sure all my dinos are healed and fed again.

Next I use Roger on the TPB panel. I do not care about the money earned from battling. I only care about getting battle wins. Roger is the most expensive NPC but he NEVER loses. I will battle all of my dinos with him until they have completed all battles or reach below 25% health. Then I will go back to my enclosure and heal all of my dinos with healing cream. After healing them all I will go back to the TPB panel and do the same thing again.

After using the TPB panel a second time I will go into my enclosure and click on the first dino. If it has completed all of its battles, I will heal it, if needed, otherwise I will skip to the next dino. If the dino still has battles left, I will battle it by hand.

BEFORE I hand battle a dino, I check that it is AT LEAST at LVL 10. If it is below LVL 10, I will use the TPB for the rest of its battles. If it needs to be healed I will heal it with box of bandaids and continue to heal as necessary until it is finished with its battles. If it is at at least LVL 10 (with at least 10 battle skill points, to unlock 'lick wounds' move), I will heal it with roll of gauze. The dino only need be at least 65% health. There is no need to use more healing items. When creating the battle I always battle an opponent with a higher level.

Once in the battle, I will use the 'lick wounds' action to bring my dino's health up to at least 95% health. I will then use attack moves. If my dino's health gets to 70% or lower, I will use 'lick wounds' to bring it back up before continuing attack. My dino should finish with at least 70% health or more. If it has more battles left, I will continue to battle it by hand, without using any healing items on it, just bringing its health up using 'lick wounds' in battle.

After all of the battles are completed I will move onto the next dino and use the same process. As I said, it is time consuming but I prefer it that way. If you have found quicker methods, feel free to adjust your process. This method though is guaranteed zero battle losses, as the 'lick wounds' is an integral part of it. There is no need to retire from battle due to low health because health can be raised while in battle.

The healing items I do use are box of bandaids, healing pills, roll of gauze, and healing cream.
-Box of bandaids for dinos below LVL 10 that need to be healed before TPB or dinos who don't have any battles left but have health above 25% and below 50%.
-Healing pills for dinos who don't have any battles left and have health at or below 25%. I keep all of my dinos vaccinated so there is no need to keep them at 100% health everyday. As long as they have at least 50% health or more they will be okay.
-Roll of gauze for dinos who still have battles left and have health below 65%.
-Healing cream for dinos who still have battles left after the first round of TPB and have health at or below 25%. DO NOT USE AT ANY OTHER TIME. Healing cream is the most expensive healing item in the health shop and should be used sparingly.

'Tis Dave XD
By Jylani

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For Commissioned Artists - Griffel's Character References


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