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Viewing Flame's Farm - dinoworld
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Welcome to my farm, dinoworld. Here, I raise and train Graciliraptor, Phorusrhacos, Megaraptor, Sinornithosaurus, Bambiraptor, Tyrannosaurus and Pyroraptor. I have Baryonyx going up for sale soon as well. Also here are various herbivore herds, so feel free to look around. I am currently working on breeding overlooked and usually untrained species, such as Oviraptor and Compsognathus. Every dino in my farm with stats of over 500 is for stud, with males being public and females being private, although lower grade females (100-499 in stats) are now all public studs. However, I am no longer particularly active due to school.


Carboniferous Oasis

Chicken Pen

Dessert Land

Egg Hunters

Feather Forest

Frog Jungle

Plains of Grace

Pyro Plateau

Riverglade Banks

Rocky Desert

T-Rex Palace

Talon Mountain

The Aviary


Trix Terrace

Warrior Bambis!

Ashen Volcano


Echis and Gravis

Enigma Fields

Fabro Falls

Flats of Edmonton

Para Paradise

Pony Paddock

Santa's Helpers

Stock Baros