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Owned By Winterhöhle (#29167) 12/15 Inhabitants
Crocodile Crew Pack
No alpha!
L24 NB Kasatka [Bb,Ii,Oo,Ss,vv] 2/6 93
L36 EXC Kiska [Gg,Ii,Tt] 5/6 93
L22 BGR Rusty Turquoise [Bb,Gg,Ii,Jj] 2/6 86
L35 EXC Sandal Brick [Vv] 5/6 83
L22 NOV Sepia Harvest [Bb] 2/6 77
L37 EXC Tobacco Vesuvius [Vv] 5/6 83

L3 BGR *Astral Revolver [Gg,Vv] 5/6 11
L1 BGR *Fiery Kimberly [GP] 6/6 3
L1 BGR *Indigo Juniper [GP] 6/6 3
L4 NOV *Minsk Bay [Vv] 6/6 11
L1 BGR *Sirocco Waterloo [Vv] 5/6 3
L1 BGR *Waikawa Green [GP] 5/6 3


12 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.