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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 53/60 Inhabitants
Prime Pack
No alpha!
L15 BGR Andromeda (Vv) 69
L13 BGR Rosanna *GP 61 Public

Sailback Pack
L15 BGR Smudge [Bb, gg, Jj] 79 Public
L16 BGR Cherry Dawn [gg, Jj, vv] 77 Public
L19 BGR Deathly Blood [Gg, Jj] 80
L19 BGR Inkblot [gg, jj, Vv] 80
L17 BGR Odag [Vv] 80

L1 BGR *REDACTED* [Bb, Gg, Jj, Vv] 5
L14 BGR Aglaii [Bb, Ii, Jj, Rr, Ss, TT] 72
L13 BGR Bay [Vv] 61 Public
L14 BGR Beachcomber [Bb. Ii, Tt, Vv] 75 Public
L13 BGR Berries and Cream [Ii, Ss, Tt, Vv] 59 Public
L13 BGR Blackout [Bb] 66 Public
L11 BGR Cacophony [OoVv] 40 Public
L15 BGR Clockwirk [Gg] 68
L13 BGR Comet [Gg] 65 Public
L8 BGR Crataeis [Gg, Jj, Vv] 25 Public
L2 BGR Enyo [Vv] 11 Public
L8 BGR Ethanol *GP 31 Public
L6 BGR Galvatron 22 Public
L1 BGR Glyph [Bb, Gg, Ii, Ss] 5
L14 BGR Halki [Gg, Vv] 74
L13 BGR Hazard *GP 68 Public
L2 NOV Kerenyi [Oo] 11 Public
L4 NOV Kup 13 Public
L5 BGR Ladon *GP 19 Public
L13 BGR Magnolia [Gg] 61 Private
L13 BGR Marzipan [IiJjSsTt] 54 Public
L1 BGR Moped [Ii, Jj] 5
L4 BGR Muzzle [Gg] 16 Public
L1 BGR Nexus [Vv] 8
L12 BGR Nitro *GP 42 Public
L14 BGR Nutters [jj, Rr, Ss] 72
L13 BGR Octane [Gg] 62 Public
L3 BGR Overdrive [Bb, Gg, Ii, Tt, Vv] 15
L1 BGR Pentius [Gg, Ss] 5
L2 BGR Pizazz [Ii, Ss] 11 Public
L1 BGR Proteus [Gg, Jj, Tt, Vv] 5
L8 BGR Remy [Bb] 31 Public
L12 BGR River Song [Bb, Gg] 66
L1 BGR Rossum *GP 10
L2 NOV Sandstorm [JjSs] 11 Public
L13 BGR Siren *GP 57
L7 BGR Styx [GgOo] 25 Public
L14 BGR Toxical Lime [Gg, Jj, vv] 76 Public
L12 BGR Tuner [Vv] 47 Public
L9 BGR Whisper [Bb, Jj] 31 Public
L1 BGR Windsweeper [Gg] 8
L14 BGR Zen [bb, Gg, Jj] 63 Public


0 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.