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Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 45/50 Inhabitants
Linhe Pack
L12 BGR Spara 99
L15 BGR Seisyll 80

L1 BGR ☩☩Judah{GP} 10
L12 BGR Apollo [Ss, Vv] 55 Public
L12 BGR Aureus [Ss] 55 PublicSick
L12 BGR Barbotine [Vv] 59 Public
L5 BGR Behagelig [Oo] 23 Public
L17 NOV Black Tie Affair 52
L1 BGR Blue Curacao [Bb, Ii, Oo, Vv] 10
L11 BGR Bratva [Bb, Ii, Jj, Vv] 52 Public
L4 BGR Brushfire [Gg, Ii, Jj, Vv] 18 Public
L1 BGR Class Act [Ii, Oo, Ss, vv] 8
L3 BGR Code [Bb, Gg, Oo, Rr, SS] 15
L7 BGR Cosmonaut [Bb, Jj] 33 PublicSick
L13 BGR Culebra 92
L17 NOV Dawn 80 Sick
L11 BGR Domino [Ss, Vv] 52 Public
L12 BGR Domra [Ii, Jj, Ss, Vv] 52 Public
L10 BGR Dust [Bb, Ss, Tt, Vv] 52 Public
L10 BGR Fang 30
L3 BGR Fern [Bb. Ii, Oo, Ss, TT, vv] 15
L1 BGR Kachina [Ss, Vv] 10
L9 BGR Krasnyj [Oo] 33 Public
L20 EXC Ku Tiki *GP 48 Public
L6 BGR Malibu Black Rum [Jj] 23 Public
L10 BGR Nova val Exei 37 Public
L5 BGR Panache [Jj, Oo, SS, Tt, Vv] 24 PublicSick
L11 BGR Portica [Ii, Tt] 56 Public
L8 BGR Riptide [BbRr] 31 Public
L24 MAS Ritz [Jj, Ss, Vv] 62 Public
L13 BGR Rose 77
L16 NOV Roulette 84
L6 BGR Sahara Sand [Ii, Jj, Ss, TT, vv] 26 PublicSick
L3 BGR Samba [Bb, Ss, Tt, Vv] 17 Public
L4 BGR Schism [Ii, Jj, Oo, Rr, Ss, Vv] 17 Public
L1 BGR Sundance [Ss, Vv] 10
L3 BGR Taeyan [Gg, Jj, Rr, Tt, Vv] 18 Public
L11 BGR Tidal [Bb, Ii, Oo, Tt, Vv] 51 Public
L3 BGR Treasure Island [Bb, Gg, Ii, Jj, Rr, Tt] 15
L12 BGR Trueno *GP 66 Public
L9 BGR Tsar [Ii] 33 Public
L14 BGR Tula [Oo] 50 Public
L8 BGR Vegas [Bb, Gg, Jj] 33 Public
L1 BGR Wild Island Rose [Bb, Jj, SS, Tt] 2
L3 BGR Zarak [Gg, Ii, Oo, Tt] 16 PublicSick


45 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.