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Dragon's Den (Balaur)

Owned By Carnivore's Corner (#24462) 33/36 Inhabitants
Sandtrap Pack
No alpha!
L6 BGR Bijuterie [Jj, oo, Tt, Vv] 24 Public
L10 BGR Hawaii 52 PublicSick
L11 BGR Nisip [Bb] 43 Public
L4 BGR Nord [Bb, Gg, II, Jj, Oo, Ss, Tt] 20 Public
L7 BGR Piele [Gg,Jj,Ss,TT,Vv] 28 Public
L10 BGR Portocala *GP 40 Public
L3 BGR Stea [Gg, Ii, Jj, Oo, Vv] 20 Public
L4 BGR Trandafir [Bb, Ii, Jj, Oo, Tt] 20 Public

L1 BGR Adanc [Jj, Ss, Tt, Vv] 2
L2 BGR Alizee *GP 11 Public
L11 BGR Anca [II, Oo] 43 Public
L1 BGR Apa [Bb, Ss] 2
L1 BGR Cafenea [Oo, Ss, Vv] 10
L1 BGR Contessa [Jj, Ss] 2
L6 BGR Dama [Ii, Oo, Rr, Tt, Vv] 23 Public
L1 BGR Deschis [Ii,Oo, Ss, Tt, Vv] 10
L12 BGR Erou 58 Public
L18 NB Fane [Ss] 84
L11 BGR Iarna 58 PublicSick
L21 BGR Ilinca 98 Starving
L11 BGR Ireland 52 Public
L4 BGR Ostrava [Bb, Gg, Jj, Ss, Vv] 20 Public
L17 NB Raluca [Oo, Ss] 84
L12 BGR Riga *GP 51 Public
L3 BGR Roma [Gg, Ii, jj, oo, Ss, Vv] 16 Public
L11 BGR Rosu *GP 40 Public
L11 BGR Sarpe [II, Oo, Rr, Tt] 43 Public
L12 BGR Soarta *GP 51 Public
L5 BGR Stup [Gg, Ii, oo, TT, Vv] 23 Public
L1 BGR Tia Maria's Secret Affair [Ii, Ss, Tt, Vv] 4
L5 BGR Tresa [Gg, Oo, Ss, Tt, Vv] 22 Public
L2 BGR Vant *GP 11
L1 BGR Vesele [Ii, Tt] 4


33 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.