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Roxen TyranHome

Owned By Banana Colored (#8198) 15/15 Inhabitants
this enclosure was once belong to roxen the T-rex.who has gone by old age. so the name of this enclosure is named after him, my first, beloved T-rex.

01 Pack
L12 BGR gundam 92
L6 BGR Zeta [bbiijJTtVv] [Average Length] [battle ready] 43
L8 BGR Momo [OoVv] [Battle] 47
L7 BGR EzeeEight [Oo] [6/6] [battle] 33 Public
L5 BGR OYM-PF puff 75 Public
L5 BGR Mad-nug 85
L3 BGR Bright ash [BBGGiiJJOORRssttVv] [5/6] 58 Public
L2 BGR Loto [Oo] - [5/6] Okay Lenght 16 Public
L2 BGR Delta [bbiiJjTtVv] [long tail] 58 Public
L1 BGR Alou [Ggii] [2/6] 10
L1 BGR Biva [LiOo] [6/6] 10
L1 BGR Belfur [BbGgiiOo] [2/6] 10
L1 BGR Dopp -[OoVv] [6/6] 7
L1 BGR Kempfer - [Oo][okaylenght] 4

No loners!


11 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.