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Herrerasaurus - 1

Owned By Bastion (#2255) 16/300 Inhabitants
L1 BGR Lake 89
L16 MAS Frederick 88
L1 BGR Powder Creamer 62 Public
L1 BGR Bread Lumps 60 Public
L1 BGR Parsnip and Beets 60 Public
L9 BGR Consume Lotion 60 PublicSick
L1 NB Average of Six Months 49
L1 BGR Frozen Snacks 49
L1 BGR Fudgy Little Treats 49
L1 BGR Bake 'em Off 49
L1 BGR Donut Baking Dish 49
L1 BGR Time for Chips 49
L1 BGR Flax Seed 49
L1 BGR Resper 31 Public
L1 BGR #2 Pencil 18
L1 BGR Mouse Trees 18


16 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.