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The Prvok Pack

Owned By Griffel Acres (#113) 37/45 Inhabitants
The Prvok pack is the resident Microraptor pack.

They won't be set for stud, but if you are interested in a breeding for any of them, feel free to message me, we can surely work out a deal :)

I like to randomly assign backgrounds and clip-ons.

L39 EXC Priestess 79
L39 EXC Firecoso 79
L39 SA Crixen 78
L39 MAS Shayla 78
L39 MAS Curan 78
L39 MAS Qmira 78
L22 BGR Lemon Creme 77
L37 EXC Skata 74
L37 EXC Mettle 74
L36 EXC Abella 71
L36 EXC Khan 71
L35 GD Demi 69
L35 MED Dizzy 69
L35 MAS Maxx 68
L35 MAS Mercy 68
L32 EXC Casino 61
L32 EXC Goose 61
L30 GD Dawn 57
L30 GD Scooter 57
L29 NB Sheena 55
L29 NB Traveller 55
L28 EXC Calypso 54
L29 EXC Charm 54
L27 MED Fern 51
L13 NB Camdyn 22
L12 NB Leeva 22
L4 BGR Adzriel 13
L4 BGR Seregil 13
L1 BGR Dante 10
L1 BGR Behruz 10
L1 BGR Vivian 10
L1 BGR Sheona 10


22 dinosaurs with happiness below 100% in this enclosure.